A rare and envied commodity

It is currently impossible to find this food in supermarket distribution, contrary to goat's milk.  There are few dairy Donkey farms around the world.

Moreover these farms only have a small amount of animals (not more than thirty or so) with the exception of our farm that is one of the biggest in Europe (approximately 600 animals).

Furthermore milking poses objective difficulties since the Donkey won't consent to this operation if it isn't done near her foal.  She only produces her milk during the foal's suckling period; this production stops effectively at weaning.  Finally, the volumetric capacity of the mammary gland is low (daily milk production of 2 litres maximum).

The objective is therefore to set up a cooperative project between different European breeders capable of respecting our quality charter and providing excellent quality milk so it can be handled and packaged to then be correctly marketed.