Donkey's milk: incomparable powers

Reputed for its unique resistance qualities since the dawn of time, the Donkey is man's faithful companion.  He's the one that pulls, ploughs and transports.  He was a mount for Middle Age travellers.  His reputation as a tireless worker makes him an essential craftsman of farming and business life in the Mediterranean region.

Its Donkey's milk has had the place of honour since always with its many properties:  moisturising, hypoallergenic, medicinal …

It is written that Cleopatra bathed in it.  The Greeks considered it to be an excellent remedy; the Romans, recognising its extraordinary richness, made a luxury drink and beauty products out of it. Buffon mentions it in his "Natural History" while women of fashion from the 19th century wanted to lay their hands on this remarkable drink…

Today the scientific community recognises the legitimacy of this heritage: where the mother's milk use would be neither recommended nor available and thus would mean that a substitute milk is necessary, Donkey's milk represents an excellent natural alternative, as well as a natural product with rare dietary and cosmetic properties. 

Under certain conditions, in case of allergies, e.g. cow's milk proteins allergy, Donkey's milk is an incomparable substitute to any milky feeding. Eurolactis reminds that the medical community recommends the maternal feeding when possible.



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