Donkey's milk, ancestral powers

EUROLACTIS produces and industrially transforms and markets Donkey's milk on a large scale.  In the form of cooperative projects, EUROLACTIS is developing a social, ecological and economically lasting programme.

Donkey's milk is an age-old product used since the dawn of time. The oldest historic accounts are found on Egyptian low-reliefs dating 2500 B.C but it wasn't until the Renaissance that the first real scientific consideration was given to this exceptional milk.

Today's scientific community has inherited such a tradition and considers Donkey's milk to be an incomparable substitute for human mother's milk, as well as a natural product possessing rich dietary and cosmetic properties.

"Eurolactis" seeks to allow the agricultural and commercial development of Donkey's milk on a bigger scale while still respecting Nature, and has developed a programme of European dimensions involving the biggest experts in this field.