Perfect production and breeding

Donkey milk

EUROLACTIS will eventually provide the biggest milk production in Europe. Donkey's milk is a rare nectar: the mother of an Donkey's foal only gives her milk (1 litre a day for approximately 6 months) if she has her foal in her field of vision.

EUROLACTIS works with the most experienced donkey breeders in Europe. Our main farm is in Montebaducco, in Reggio Emilia near Parma, which came into being the 19th May 1996 and houses more than 680 donkeys from 14 different races.

The Montebaducco farm is certified organic and is located in a pleasant, quiet hilly region at the heart of the Quattro Castella landscape. Its strange name comes from the overhanging hill that is an integral part of the property (rightly called Montebaducco). The desire to open this tourist farm came from the breeders' desire to realise the dream of a lifetime:  to breed these friends (the donkeys) to prevent them becoming totally extinct due to lack of use.

Carefully raised animals

Donkey's milk by carefully raised animals

Our donkeys are raised in liberty in verdant hills and are exclusively fed with organic products made up of alfalfa, barley and oat fodder.

We pay great attention to the health and well-being of our animals, which our breeders look after thanks to their genuine passion and that they care for with natural methods.

Milking is done with a specially designed system ensuring very high hygiene conditions of the milk.  All the animals are rigorously subject to prescribed health checks and are suitable to produce milk.

New packaging methods are currently being studied to prolong the use-by date while keeping certain nutritional principles like vitamins and without structurally altering the proteins, which would present absolutely no danger but would reduce the milk's nutritional and organoleptic qualities.