Donkey's milk: a natural, precious and safe foodstuff

Donkey's milk can be used for:

  • children with allergies to the proteins of traditional milks (cow, goat, ewe, soya, etc.);
  • children in general to fortify their growth;
  • elderly people with osteoporosis problems;
  • convalescents;
  • people anxious to eat healthy, natural food.

Man used Donkey's milk against illnesses and skin ageing already back in Roman times.

More recently, Donkey's milk has also been used against whooping cough, which isn't called "Donkey's cough" in Italy by coincidence.

Recent studies have shown that Donkey's milk is a natural food of animal origin whose characteristics, in relation to those of other animal species, are the closest to those of mother's milk.

Studies have been carried out on children allergic to cow's milk; they have shown that Donkey's milk is tolerated by most of them.  Its sweet taste makes it more pleasant and well accepted, unlike special protein hydrolsate or amino acid-based formulas, whose use among children allergic to cow's milk is rightly compromised because of their bitter taste and after-taste.  In addition to its high tolerance and palatability are the positive effects of other nutritional factors (see "the nutritionist").

Rich in lactose...

It has a positive effect on the intestinal absorption of calcium and can help treat adult osteoporosis and favour the mineralisation of children's' bones.